Movie: Geostorm (2017) [Download Movie]

Geostorm (2017): After an exceptional series of catastrophic events compromised the planet, the world’s chiefs met up to make a perplexing organization of satellites to control the worldwide environment and guard everybody. However, presently, something has turned out badly: the framework worked to safeguard Earth is going after it, and it turns into an attempt to beat the odds to reveal the genuine danger before an overall geostorm clears out everything and everybody alongside it.

Enter Jake Lawson (played by Gerard Butler), the mastermind behind Dutch Boy and its former chief designer. Ousted from the project due to his rebellious nature, Jake is called back by his estranged brother, Max Lawson (played by Jim Sturgess), who now works at the International Climate Space Station (ICSS). With the clock ticking and a “geostorm” of epic proportions brewing, Jake and Max must set aside their differences and join forces to unravel the mystery behind Dutch Boy’s malfunction.

As they embark on their perilous mission, the brothers uncover a web of conspiracy, betrayal, and hidden agendas within the highest echelons of power. Time becomes their enemy as they navigate treacherous political waters, racing against the clock to save millions of lives and prevent the world from plunging into an apocalyptic geostorm.

Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Thriller

Release: 2017-10-13

Stars: Abbie Cornish, Alexandra Maria Lara, Andy García, David S. Lee, Ed Harris, Eugenio Derbez, Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Robert Sheehan, Zazie Beetz

Duration: 109 min

Director: Dean Devlin

Country: HK, US


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