Movie: Water Monster 2 (Female Medical Examiner Fights Water Monster) [Download Movie]

[Water Monster 2 水怪2:黑木林]

Qing Ling, a female medical examiner from the Republic of China, returns to Shangshui Town to find her missing brother, but she accidentally found out the secret about where she came from. She strived to eradicate the water monster feudal superstition with science and civilization, call the townspeople together to fight back the evil forces with truth, and witnessed the glory of justice.

★Starring: Wang Zhener / Han Dong / Liu Lincheng / Wei Ziqi / Wang Jianguo / Wu Chengzhi

[Water Monster 2] Female Medical Examiner Fights Water Monster | Action/Adventure/Suspense | YOUKU

Water Monster 2 [Download Movie]


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