Shifting Gears (2024)
Shifting Gears

Movie: Shifting Gears (2024)

Shifting Gears (2024) – Jess, a female mechanic, is surprised by a revelation while reluctantly joining a car restoration show.

Initially hesitant about joining the competition, Jess’s reservations deepen upon discovering that her ex-boyfriend, Luke, is her main rival.

As the competition unfolds, Jess finds herself grappling with a whirlwind of emotions, torn between her past with Luke and her desire to succeed.

Despite their history, Jess and Luke must put aside their differences and focus on the task at hand.

As they work side by side, old wounds resurface, but so too do the sparks of attraction that once ignited their romance.

With each passing challenge, Jess and Luke’s dynamic shifts, their competitive spirits fueling a renewed sense of passion and rivalry.

Despite their best efforts to resist, Jess and Luke find themselves drawn to each other once again, unable to deny the chemistry between them.

As tensions rise, Jess and Luke must confront the unresolved issues that drove them apart in the first place.

In the heat of the competition, emotions run high, threatening to derail both their professional and personal lives.

Amidst the chaos, Jess and Luke must navigate the complexities of their relationship, grappling with the past while forging a path forward.

In a climactic showdown, Jess and Luke’s true feelings come to light, forcing them to confront the reality of their situation.

Conclusion of Movie: Shifting Gears

In the end, Jess and Luke must decide whether to let go of the past and embrace the possibility of a future together.

Though the road ahead may be uncertain, one thing is clear: the sparks between Jess and Luke have never truly faded.

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As they embark on a new chapter of their lives, Jess and Luke find hope in the possibility of a second chance at love.

Genre: Comedy | Romance
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 From 71 Users
Directed by: Yan-Kay Crystal Lowe
Starring: Katherine Barrell , Kristin Booth , James Burke

Release Name: Shifting.Gears.2024.WEB.H264-RBB
Video: MKV
Audio: English
Runtime: 1 h 24 min
Subtitles: English